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Our Story


While growing up, summer holidays were strictly reserved for lazy mornings, Enid Blyton-esque discoveries in the garden and food coma. At the beginning of the holidays, we were promptly deported to our grandmother’s home where all this was in abundance. But what fascinated us more than the lure of indolence is how every time, she would magically give objects of daily use a renewed purpose. With each visit, we looked forward to seeing what had transpired in our absence. 


Old clothes would reappear as lovingly woven rugs and throws, plastic bags into a bunch of forever fresh flowers, paintings were made with matchsticks/wires and timeworn sarees would become bedcovers - the list is endless as nothing was thrown away. 


The Second Wind imbibes the same spirit of reviving discarded things into something that finds fresh meaning in your home and ours. With a view of making a modest but constructive impact to our environment, we decided to launch this venture. The Second Wind simply translates into ‘renewed energy’ 


With some elbow grease, paint-splattered T-shirts, and creativity, The Second Wind up-cycles castoff run-of-the-mill objects to lend them a renewed purpose. An eye for aesthetics and immaculate quality is a given.  We embrace the same attention to detail for our interior designing and consulting projects.

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